Silence...(Part 1)

I've heard from some of you and you're telling me I've been too quite around here lately. 

I know...sorry friends. 

There are times when silence is not a bad thing. Sometimes silence is needed to process things...not just bad things, but good things too. 

Have you ever been in that place? 

You heard the news...good or bad...and now your mind is trying to catch up quickly to process each detail of said news. But not only your mind...your heart, your emotions, your soul, are in need of silence too.

Sometimes we are thrown into instances in life when we know it's time to quite the rumble around us just enough so we can hear God speak to us, to settle things in our hearts or perhaps to lift up a prayer or a praise.

And while you're silent-while you stand still, long enough, so you are able to hear heavenly whispers-your heart is gaining its strength. 

In silence your mind may not find all the answers but your soul is being reassured in such a way that you get to a place when you can utter the phrase "It is well". And then you get to a place where you can say to yourself: "Let go my soul and trust in Him, the waves and wind still know His it is well!"

But what were my news you may ask? I will the next post you'll find out. Till then, listen to this song.