No matter what

Every Sunday morning I get to hang out with elementary age kids. Something about kids. They are raw, real, no cares in the world at that moment except for wondering when I'll be passing out snacks. :) 

I've learned so much just in teaching them these last few years. So many stories and bible verses and topics that challenge not only their little hearts but mine along the way. 

This past week the lesson was packed with a truth that even us adults need to keep learning over and over and over. 

"Give thanks no matter what" (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

BIG lesson to teach to little minds when they may be faced with adults around them that do the complete opposite. BIG lesson for us more 'mature' minds to practice in those times when all we want to do is anything BUT give thanks. 

"No matter what" is such a broad statement. No matter what implies 'through everything-IN everything'...and everything is a heck of A LOT! 

It means...

In all circumstances

In joy

In sorrow

In prosperity

In adversity

It's easy to give thanks in times of sunshine and beautiful seasons in life. But Alas! more times than not we are so much better at being diligent to open our mouth to express our disappointment with our current circumstances and to click 'post' on that detailed commentary we just typed and are eager to share with the Facebook world. 

Wonder what would happen if we pushed ourselves to give thanks no matter what!?

Wonder what would happen in our hearts and souls if we took it upon ourselves to change our mindset and taught ourselves to do this more often?

To give thanks no matter what doesn't imply that we are taking a naive stance on the reality that may be confronting us at that means you choose to think of the end result that God can bring out your situation. give thanks no matter what because when you enter into this great act of exchanging your 'thankless' with 'thankfulness' you can't help but think of all the good things that you've already been showered with and this does something to our hearts, this has the power to change a rotten attitude AND this my friends is so much better for our souls and the souls of those around us.

Maybe it's time to give it a try, not only this November but a few more times throughout the year.