Every morning we all go about our business.

We wake up. Grab phone. Check FB/Twitter/Weather. Take a shower. Do our hairs (for those of us who have it) :) Brush teeth. Get ready. Eat breakfast. etc. etc. etc.

Yes, I get that not everyone may check their social media, or eat breakfast, or take a shower every morning...though I do hope you do brush your teeth daily. :) 

You get my point.

But then, right before we head out the door, we grab our mask so we can join the masquerade of the everyday life. Masks of pretenses. 

We join the rest of the world for the same dance. The dance of the living. The still breathing. The barely surviving. So we wear our mask to hide our pain, fears, insecurities, our flaws, weaknesses, defeats, and on and on and on. And at the end of the day, when all masks come off, the surreal pretenses of happiness and having it all together flee from us as fast 'pants on the ground dude' was a national sensation. :) (if you don't it). 

Morning comes and we do it all over again. Why?

Why do we sign up once again for the exhausting task of living out our pretenses? Why do we live this way? 

Maybe it's because the moment you even contemplate revealing the 'thing' you hide behind the mask your pulse begins to race and your mind is bombarded with 'what if' statements.

What if...

  • they see the  deep depression that constantly paralyzes me?
  • they hear the story of my affair and they label me?
  • they see that my faith in God is as weak as a thread because I feel He's failed me?

But what if instead of judgement we hear:

  • I've been there. I too dealt with the emotional roller coaster of depression and this is how I made it through...
  • I too was unfaithful to my husband. Let me tell you how we made it to the other side.
  • I too have dealt with doubting God, with wanting to leave it all behind. 

The debilitating feelings of taking off our masks in fear of the 'what ifs' are real. But so is the empowering freeing feelings you will encounter when you just take the mask off. Will some judge? Perhaps, we live in a wretched world. But I know there are people in this world who are waiting to embrace you and waiting to share their story with you because they've been there too and through them you can see that life can be different. Things can change. Perhaps this is all that is in between you and your journey of transformation.

So before you go out the door today, take a breather, and leave the mask behind. Someone may be waiting out there to hear about your story, your struggles, your fears, your failures. And, as you share your story with them, your journey of healing may begin...and perhaps, theirs will too!