April's Fools Prank Gone Wrong

Photo by   AmethystDreams1987

You know, there are the kind of pranks like the one where you tell your brother "Your fly is down". And then...there's the type of pranks that cross the line a bit too far. Yeah...today the latter happened.

I work at an elementary school and before I say anything else, let me tell you, our principal is awesome and a pretty easy going guy! Our custodian had been trying to prank everybody today. For the most part, the pranks have been some silly ones like: "hey you should tie your shoe lace" or the one when she told our coach 5 minutes before recess that he couldn't take the kids outside. That type of stuff.

Enter me...

I was just getting ready to go to lunch when I said: "You know what you should have done to prank Mr. Gaither? You should have pull the fire alarm" Our custodian said: "Yeah...I should do that. We need to do an unannounced one anyway". Followed by me saying: "Yeah, no, I was kidding. That's probably not a good idea". 

Enter the office assistant...

"Yes, let's do it (to custodian). Come on let's go". And so they went out of the office. I stood there for a minute with my purse and asked the other lady at the office: "did they seriously go do it?" and then I heard "ding ding....ding ding..." Oh yes...they did! 

Needless to say, we had an unannounced fire drill to which our principal wasn't thrilled AT ALL! 

He asked me, "who pulled the alarm?".... me "ummm...I don't know". I had to lie to my principal. I wasn't sure what the custodian and partner in crime had planned to tell him but as we entered the office he asked them again "who pulled the alarm" and his head got all read from the blood rushing to his head. Not.A.Good.Sign. 

Yeah...that's not the kind of heartfelt reaction they were expecting. The moment they realized he did't think it was THAT funny the smirk on their faces disappeared. The custodian said: "could we go in your office and you can yell at us there?" (he wasn't really yelling though). 

"This is the last time this type of prank is done! I need to know when a fire drill is going to happen." 

Before leaving work he looked at me and I said: "come on...you gotta laugh...they gotcha good!" And he did...we'll all remember this for years to come!

Hope your pranks turn out like you planned!

Happy April's fools day everyone!