What's your nickname?

My sister Ruth sent me a link of one of Scotty Gibbon's sermons, I've always enjoyed his way of teaching. Scotty asked the crowd a question, "What is your nickname?". He wasn't referring about what your momma or your 'boo' calls you. He was talking about the name people have 'attached' to your name, the name they think of as soon as you walk inside the room. 

Scotty said: "Do they say, "here comes encouragement!"

Hmmm...this made me think. What name have people attached to my name? Do they say, "here comes Ms. Doubter, or Ms. Procrastinator, or Ms. Downer" OR, do they say: "here comes encouragement".

The list can be endless. But as much as we would love to find fault on the person that chooses to tag a not so appealing nickname to our name, some of their perceptions of us may very well be spot on. Now, there will be those that no matter what you do, they will only see you in the light that they choose to because of their own insecurities BUT what are you doing to make sure that your nickname isn't pulled out of the pool of such unfortunate nicknames? 

Some of people's perceptions of us may not be accurate of our true selves for various reasons but perhaps this may be a good opportunity to sit back and do some soul and heart reflection. We know ourselves better than anyone else and lets be honest with some little thought we can probably figure out what our nickname(s) could be. It may be a good time to put on our big girl or big boy pants, take a long hard look in the mirror and find those areas we need to improve. And once we recognize them lets commit to set parameters in place to change what needs to be changed.

Sometimes, the good inside you and me doesn't shine as it is meant to shine but it doesn't mean that we have to settle and surrender to these unfortunate nicknames. 

I prefer to have good nickname attached to my character. How about you?