Music Monday

I saw a sign yesterday that said: "Dance like nobody is watching". Do you do this? Do you let loose and just dance without a care in the world? Truth is, it's hard to dance when life is filled with songs of tears, pain, discouragement, disappointment. Yeah, it's not at these moments in life that we break out the dancing shoes and dance like nobody is watching. Nope. We break out the slippers and rather than a ball gown we put on the night gown cause we really don't want anybody watching. This is why I wanted to share this song with you today because though you may be going through a moment in life that bears no desire to dance it is important to be reminded that one day you WILL dance again! 

Yes, it may seem far, far away but the music will play again and you will know the time has finally arrived. Unpleasant moments in life are but temporary (thank the good Lord in heaven!). Today you may need to take this to heart; the tune WILL change and your chance to dance again WILL come. 

Whatever pain, whatever brokenness, whatever scars are prevalent at this moment in life will one day come to an end..."your tears will dry, your heart will mend, the scars will heal and YOU.WILL.DANCE.AGAIN!" 

And while you're waiting to put your dancing shoes on again, do this, "Praise Him...for His love and mercy, for His grace and favor" because "our God is faithful".