Music Monday: Do the right thing

do the right thing.jpg

WARNING: Following tune has the potential to get stuck in your head (don't say I didn't warn you)

So here's a song I heard on public radio the other day: 

"Do the right thing, do the right thing.

Do it all the time, do it all the time

Make yourself right, never mind them

Don't you know you're not the only one suffering"

Those are some simple lyrics prompting us to perform a sometimes challenging action. Today, as we begin a brand new week, perhaps this little tune will be a reminder to do the right thing no matter what. It always pays off. When that co-worker comes by your desk with an attitude and all you want to do is bite his/her head off just Or when that friend begins to criticise your parenting skills....ummm, do.the.right.thing. Or when you hear about that person who's been "sharing" stuff about you with others and all you want to do is start "sharing" their stuff too....yeah, do.the.right.thing! 

I love the last line of the chorus, "you're not the only suffering". Truth is, the 'wrong', frustrating, annoying actions of others towards us could be a result of the suffering they themselves are going through at this moment. Might as well do the right thing, not only  for our sake, but also theirs. 

Okay.....we got this friend! Do the right thing and happy Monday to you! :)