FMF: Release


I had to repost this because I deleted it by mistake. Happy Monday to me! :) 

This past May my husband was officiating a wedding. The location was beautiful for this outdoor wedding and the weather was perfect. It really was a perfect day.

The ceremony went without a glitch. Reception time came and with it the time to make a toast, all those beautiful words that the best man and maid of honor worked so hard on. Immediately after, the couple had planned to release some butterflies. Ahhhh…should be a beautiful moment right? Well, the cage with the butterflies was brought to the newlyweds but as they opened the door to release the butterflies something happened. The butterflies didn’t want to fly away. We all stood there, they even tried to give them some help but they were not moving. It was odd and weird and funny all at the same time.

Some of us are just like that aren’t we?  The moment in life comes when it’s our time to released, released from our past, from our destructive actions, our habits but when the door of the cage we are in opens we are paralyzed, it’s like we’ve forgotten to fly. Perhaps the familiar, though not ideal in any way, feels more secure than the unknown world we’ve been missing because of the many years we’ve spent trapped in that little cage of guilt, shame, depression, abuse, self destruction.

We have people around us letting us know that it’s okay to fly but is not that we can’t trust their judgement, we don’t trust OUR judgement once we get out there. All these thoughts of what ifs flood our little mind and all we can formulate at that moment are questions. Questions such as, “but what if I fail again?”, “what if I stumble again?”, “what if I can’t do it?”…what if, what if, what if.

Just this week I saw a Dominoes commercial where they said “Failure IS an option”. Made me think, it’s true, how many of us stop ourselves from flying far, far away from our past so we can finally live in the present? How many of us refuse to let go of those self destructive habits because it helps to numb our suffering? Now, is not something we do to scape or ignore our circumstances. No, getting out of the cage should be an action we use to tell ourselves and the world that we will no longer be caged in by the world and situations around us, neither by our emotions, or past, or shame or guilt. 

Your wings are still there my friend, get ready, when the door opens it is a sign that it’s your time to release what’s been trying to hold you back, don’t’ be afraid of failure. And I will end by saying that I would add something extra to the Dominoes commercial…”Failure IS an option, giving up isn’t”. Fly away my friend, fly away!

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday community. Today's prompt word was: Release.