FMF: Bloom

The blooming period is one of the most beautiful times. It’s full of color and life. New life. It’s a season of flourishing and yielding, producing and thriving.

But before blooming there must be pruning.

Cutting away the dead, the overgrown. Removing those unwanted parts that hinder growth and beauty.

OH! But how it can hurt to remove and cut off those unnecessary parts.


So critical… encourage growth. improve the self. maintain health.

But blooming only lasts for a season. The bloom dies and in order to make way for new blossoms pruning must happen again and again and again.

And that's how we grow, that's how beauty within is cultivated and that's how a better us flourishes.

Pruning. Yes! It can hurt but it must happen because you and I weren’t designed to display dead blooms. We were planted for so much more. Destined to display beauty, even when dirt surrounds our feet.

Perhaps today is a good day to begin the process of cutting away all those things that you know, in the long run, will restrict the yielding of beautiful blooms in the season to come.

I deserve to bloom.

You deserve to bloom.

Prune away.

Wait no more.

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