FMF: Change

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Change. I hate to say it but sometimes I dig you and others I despise you. I dig the change in seasons, the changing colors in a beautiful sunset, the change of pace like the one I had not long ago when I got to go back to my country of birth....aaahhh...that was a welcome change. But other changes are not so fun. 

Ha! Change. I've had the opportunity to meet Mr. Change more times than I can even count. Our first great encounter happened when I was just 5 yrs old. I was living in the country of Nicaragua. My family and I were moving to Venezuela. However, on the way there we were to stop in Bogota, Colombia as my dad was going to be preaching for a whole month in various venues. 

But Alas! Big encounter #2 came when both my parents felt that instead of Venezuela we were supposed to stay in Colombia...and that my friends is how I ended up being raised and living in this beautiful country. How glad am I that Mr. Change interfered back then because I fell in love with this country, its people, its culture, its food. 

But Mr. Change has a bad habit. He comes when he wants, many times uninvited, many times at the worse time and not even asking for permission. So he came again, 9 yrs later, and he said, "guess what? time to move." So we packed our bags and said our goodbyes to our lovely friends and family that we had grown to truly love and appreciate in Colombia. And so, we headed north. Destination? Mexico City. 

This was a hard one for me. I didn't like Mr. Change much at this time. But moving to a new country wasn't the only change, add to it that I was a teen, discovering myself still, going through a time in life that is tough for anyone. Yeah, Mr. Change and I were NOT in good terms and yet, in the midst of it all I got to meet new family, new friends and make new memories. By the time Mr. Change came again, 2 yrs later, I was okay. And so, once again, we packed our bags, and after being separated from dad for a whole year (he was getting our residency papers in order), our family got to be reunited with him in the USA. 

So, here I was 15 yrs old in a new country, I was used to the move but this was a bit different. The culture was completely different, the surroundings were so alien to me. And the language....OH! the language. I knew no English when I came to America. I remember getting in the bus the first day of school. I made sure I sat right at the front so the bus lady wouldn't forget my stop. But then she turned around and asked me: "what is your first name?". Hmmm...I thought, "I know what name means, I don't know what that other word is (first). I'm just going to give her my name." So, I answered, "Raquel Perez". The bus driver lady looked at me and said, "Is that your first name or your last name?". Hmmm...I didn't know what first or last meant, but I heard name, so I answered again, "Raquel Perez." To which the bus driver lady answered, "But which is your first name, Raquel or Perez?". Yeah, this scenario went back and forth for a bit. I didn't backed down, my answer was firm, "Raquel Perez." The bus driver finally gave up but I didn't miss my bus stop! :) So much change during this time in life. There were those days in english ESOL class when I couldn't quite pronounce the word 'beach' correctly. I kept cursing in class and I didn't even know it! :) 

Change. Oh! Mr. Change. We've had too many encounters. Some have been welcomed with opened arms, like the change of going from single to married. One of the best encounters indeed. But others have been brutal, unkind and just not what I would have desired at that moment in life. BUT, I will say, you Mr. Change do offer some wonderful opportunities because with every change, the options of new memories, new friends, new loves, new discoveries and new adventures are a possibility. And I'm thankful that learning and growth also come along the ride because every change has shaped me and taught me a bit more about life and about who I am. And as Mr. Alan Watts said...

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance"

So...Mr. Change, next time you come along I'm plunging, I'm moving and I'm joining the dance. Perhaps, you are not that bad after all.

Till next time Mr. Change, cause I have this funny feeling we'll meet again.

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