FMF: Reach

Next year I will be reaching the glorious 40s. I know, yikes.

But I guess age has never really bothered me much. I'm more willing to disclosed my age than most women my age. And maybe it's because half the time I can't believe I'm almost the big 4-0 or because I don't feel wise enough to enter this prestige stage of life. And the fact that I've always looked younger than my actual age has probably helped (thank the good Lord for the good genes).

But, what does concern me is what I may see when I look back at the life behind. What have I reached for so far in life?

Have I reached high enough?

Have I reached out big enough?

Have I reached within deep enough?

Has my reach been high enough to attain my dreams? His plans? Has my reaching to others gone beyond what I could have ever done on my own? Have I reached within so deep that my soul connected with God's own heart? 

The world turns and turns and I'm not the first nor the last person to reach the 40 stage but within me lies the power and the strength to make sure my very being has reached high and out and deep in such a way that I can look back and see not a self that is merely satisfied with a life of earthly accomplishments but a life deeply affected by the beauty and the goodness that are, more often than not, at the reach of my hand. 

And, if I look back and realize that I haven't reached high enough, it's okay. Life doesn't stop at 40. You still have time to keep reaching. There's plenty of life ahead, just don't sit wishing. Instead, stand and reach higher than you ever have attempted before.

Keep calm and reach on! 

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