While in the 'Waiting'...

A new year beckons a time of reflection of the past 365 days and a look into the 365 days that await us.

The reflection of the past may be painful for some and for others it might be their best year to date. For others is just another year and place no value in what a new year may bring.

Some enter the new year in a waiting room. They're still waiting for circumstances to change, for something else to happen. They're stuck wondering why their name got placed in the 'wait list' when all they desire is to move forward. Some enter the new year with health struggles, waiting for a miracle to happen, waiting for a relationship to be restored. Others are waiting for that long desired pregnancy to happen or for that long awaited true love to come sweep them off their feet. For many, nothing changed when the clock hit the 12am mark. They found themselves in a new year with the same self and the same circumstances.

And if that's you, if your name is on a 'wait list' I hope you take one thing with you into this new year: THERE IS PURPOSE IN THE WAITING. No, sometimes it's not pretty and frustrating to be stuck in a waiting room...you gots places to go, people to see, things to experience. But the waiting room is not the important thing here, it is the waiting itself that does. And it's what you do, the actions you make while in the 'waiting' that changes everything. In the waiting is easy to get stuck and waste time looking back, desiring what once was, what you now lack and these are the things that paralyze us and limits us from propelling forward. Your 'waiting' can be so much more than this. Your 'waiting' can have purpose. Most often, it's in the 'waiting' that growth within can happen because let's face it, we're not going anywhere, the 'waiting' causes us to pause, giving us the time to look at the self, to evaluate choices, to prioritize, to refocus, to become a much 'healthier' you, to dream new dreams, to do some 'de-learning' of habits and implement new ones. It is when these actions are taken during this period in our lives that the 'waiting' doesn't become so paralyzing and makes it seem not as long, nor so unwelcoming. These are the things we sometimes neglect to do while living life, while being busy, that's why sometimes, the 'waiting' is necessary and oh so valuable. 

Everyone of us has had or will spend some time in the 'waiting room'. Even successful people have had to go on the 'waiting list'. Walt Disney had to wait more than 20 years to do the film Mary Poppins. See, you're not alone. You're not in this room because you're not successful or because you are failure. The waiting room is no respecter of persons. You don't find yourself in the 'waiting' because you deserve it but perhaps, because your soul and heart desperately need it; because there's something new that needs to spring within you.

So, as we enter this new year, if your name is in a 'waiting list', if you find yourself stuck in the waiting room, I hope you take this to heart:

DON'T WASTE YOUR WAITING! There is purpose in your 'waiting' but it will only flourish when you take action.

Don't allow yourself to be paralyzed by staring at the past. Only look back to see and remember the good things in life that you've been blessed with and let them be the force that propels you into reaching to what is ahead.

Something new can be brewing inside you while in the 'waiting', don't disregard it, don't restrain it, something beautiful awaits when the time comes to leave the waiting room.

“Forget about what’s happened;
    don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
    It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
    rivers in the badlands." (Isaiah 43:19)