This week marks a milestone in my life. It is my last week in my 30s. 

Oddly enough, age has never bothered me so I'm looking forward to the 40s but before moving on I'm going to take a look back because so much has happened in the last 10 years, so many things that have made these past decade an epic one and as I look back I see that it's been a season filled with face-palm, faith strengthening, character shaping type of experiences. 

So let's see...the decade began with a BIG BANG! I got hooked up! Yes, I got married to that stud of a Brit I now call my husband of almost 10 years. What a way to start my 30s. I married up and I married good y'all! The fact that he knows me the best, all my good, my bad and my ugly and he still chooses to love me unconditionally is a testimony of his character! :) 

But marriage hasn't come without it's challenges cause here's the thing, marriage is hard work, even when you love the other person so much. It's hard work because it comes with ups and downs and because it forces two once single and selfish individuals to now think of not only themselves but of the other person and to surrender those pre-conceived 'ideals' of marriage. Two worlds come together, two personalities, two views of life that now try to co-exist in the most lovable way possible. :) Oh, it can be an adjustment but it is worth it...oh so worth it! Even when things get tough years after, it's worth fighting for it, it's worth to apply the elbow grease when necessary because each of you come out of it stronger which in return makes your marriage stronger. So yes, my prince charming and I have been through a few experiences in our marriage these past decade. There have been moments of joy, of adventure, moments filled with tears and moments filled with lots of laughter but boy, I wouldn't change it for the world...I wouldn't change him for the world!

In the last 10 years we've had so many opportunities to make memories and experience new things. We've gotten to travel to India and Europe and South America and along the way we've had the chance to meet so many people that have enriched our lives tremendously. So many new friends and family have entered our little world! So many of them so critical to who we are today. 

But, we've also had to endured disappointments. One of our toughest times was in the ministry area, we were hurt badly by situations that could have, should have, been different. But we made it through and we endured it  and the lessons it taught us have been a wonderful source of wisdom as we ourselves took on the challenge of starting a new church. 

Oh yeah....that's something else I should mention, this past decade also was marked by taking a HUGE leap of faith as we embarked into the world of starting a new church. Boy was that a BIG step we took. Two little us, fighting against odds, going against the current to start something that was deeply planted in our hearts. It's been one of the hardest yet most fulfilling experiences of our lives. What a ride it has been. At times we've wanted to give up, we've thought 'maybe we are not cutout for this?', but then we remember why we did it, why we were so humbly chosen to take on this task and how faithful God has been through the whole process. 

We've had so many firsts this past decade. We made a big move from the midwest, where we left so many wonderful friends, and made our way to the East Coast. Yes, we became east coasters and we love it! We've gotten to visit so many cities that many only visit on vacation and yet they are at the palm of our hand. Another first? We became home owners and discovered that we can do more than just change a light bulb, we can build tables from scratch, we can fix walls, install back splashes and make it through a kitchen reno still loving each other. :) 

In the mix of it all, this past decade also brought us the challenging experience of facing infertility in a pivotal way. It brought us to a place where we had to arrive to the realization that we may never be able to conceive. Then, this past year, we took on the process of fertility treatments and deeply felt the emotions that come with failed attempts. 

Yes, this past decade has brought us our share of ups and downs but then, just at it began, it decided to end with another BIG BANG. The 30s decided to culminate with a baby on the way. An unexpected little miracle that will begin my 40s in a marvelous way!

So here I am, still madly in love with my prince charming, getting ready to embrace a new season and stage in life that will change the years to come in a BIG BIG way. Life in the 40s will be different, way different than in the 30s. Life as a family of three will come with much love, many challenges, many new experiences, many frustrations, many times of joy and so much more. And the one certain thing I can count on is that as sure as tears and challenges may come, I can also be certain that joy and laughter will come as well.

So as I look back I realized how much has happened and it prompts me to make a list and be intentional about the decade ahead so that it will be as epic as the one ending. As I began my 40s I want to commit to...

  • Take time to make memories.
  • Embark in new adventures.
  • Make room for new firsts.
  • Turn disappointments into life lessons.
  • Forgive often.
  • Love even more.
  • Remind myself that though tear may come, laughter will soon follow.
  • Don't limit your circle of friends. Make new ones.
  • Be a blessing to others.
  • Let others be a blessing to you.
  • Make room for side splitting laughter.
  • Expect miracles.

I have a funny feeling that my 40s will be as epic as my 30s!

So...farewell 30s and welcome you pesky 40s!

Here's to a new decade!