The Journey Thus Far

Well, it's been almost 4 months since our little lad made his big entrance. Wow...and what a journey it's been thus far!

A lot has happened from the moment my water broke to today! Lots of getting to know this little person that comes packed with smiles, gooings and cooings, crying and tears, colic and gas...oh the gas!!! :) Amazing how there is so much to get to know about someone so young and little. It's been fun getting to know him.

Many have asked, how's it been? Is it all that you had imagined? It's hard to explain in words all of the emotions that come tied to this experience of becoming a mommy. So to best express it, I thought I would do so in a Q&A way. So here we go!

WHAT WERE YOUR FIRST THOUGHTS WHEN YOU SAW THE BABY? I cried as soon as they placed him on me and I said, "We've been waiting over 8 1/2 yrs to meet you!"

WHAT'S BEEN THE HARDEST? At the beginning it was breastfeeding. Many told me that it was going to hurt but boy, you really can't prepare for it till it hits you. Some moms don't have any issues but I did and then one day I finally found a thing called 'nipple shield' and my world was alright again! :)

WHAT'S BEEN MOST SURPRISING ABOUT BECOMING A MOM? How instant your love for this little person is. He's a brand new little guy you just met and BAM! the love comes all over you! It's amazing. AND how much rejoicing can come about from a poopy diaper when baby hasn't pooped in days! :)

WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART ABOUT BEING A MOM? So many but if I have to one would be the love that this little person gives you, you can sense it even though they're not even able to formulate any words yet!

WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST CHALLENGING? Dealing with colic and teething! Okay, I said it earlier but the gas this child can store in his belly, yikes! Lord help us all! For his first 2 1/2 months of existence our poor little lad's stomach was not his best friend. Bless was tough. We quickly became good friends with gas drops & gripe water and thankfully it's all good with the world now. But I guess that was replaced with teething because this little lad decided to start teething early. The drooling...UGH! Me no likey! I need to teach this child of mine he doesn't have to be such an overachiever! But this too shall how many more months??? Jesus take the wheel!

HAVE YOU DEALT WITH ANY ANXIETY? Just a couple. The first was having to take him out all by myself. For the first two weeks I had people with me so it was no biggie but the day I had to go run errands all by my little self, oh man, anxiety set in. I thought I wouldn't be able to carry that carseat and that I would drop him because it would be too heavy. I remember when I had to go grocery shopping...I thought, "how in the world will this 5ft 1inch Latina chica be able to see past the carseat while pushing the grocery cart?" (yes THE ONE inch in my height is important to mention...hush!). Anyhow, but I did it and now it's no biggie. I have a feeling Evan wishes mommy would still be anxious enough to just stay home because mommy takes him to too many Target and TJMaxx trips. :) And well, I still look short and weird while grocery shopping but I make it work and if you see me at Wegmmans and laugh at me, I'll probably join in and laugh at myself as well! The second anxiety? Cutting his nails! Yeap. And let me tell you, the first time I did it, I...ummm...caught a bit of his finger and well, I felt horrible! He cried and I did too. I still don't like cutting them nails but sometimes you gots to do what you gots to do! 

HOW WAS LABOR? Ha! That's a funny one. My water broke on a friday morning around 4am. I kept thinking I was peeing myself. This went on until it finally hit me that maybe my water had broken. When the doctor told me to go to the hospital to get checked (at 8:30am) Alex and I decided to do a few things before heading to the hospital. A few things as in hang a shelf in the baby's room, vacuum his room, put the rest of his clothes away, get my bag ready (I know...procrastinator right here!), take showers, cut the hubby's hair (yeah, you heard right, as in giving him a haircut), oh and giving myself a haircut too (cause I wasn't going to go give birth with bad hair friends!). I know, we are cray cray (yes, I said cray cray-I have a newborn, leave a momma alone!). We finally made it to the hospital by 11:30am and hadn't really had any contractions yet. We still couldn't believe this was happening even after the doctor came in and told us my water had broken. A baby coming on Easter weekend is never easy for pastors of a church. We told the little lad that he could come any time he wanted EXCEPT Easter weekend. Ha! We could tell right away that he was going to be a good listener. Once contractions kicked in I was handling them pretty okay. The only struggle came when I decided to get the epidural and the only anesthesiologist in the hospital got called into emergency surgery. Two and a half painful hours later I got the meds and let me tell you, they were heavenly! But hey, he was worth it! I mean...look at that face! :)

WAS LABOR BETTER OR WORSE THAN YOU HAD EXPECTED? Ummm...I guess just what I had expected. I knew lots of pain would be involved. Once the epidural kicked in I kept pushing the med button they gave me. Alex kept asking me, "are you in pain?". I'd replied, "No. Why?". "Because you keep pushing the button for meds." to which I replied, "I just want to make sure the drugs are really in for when it's time to push cause this chica is not going to be feeling no pain!". No wonder it took a little bit for my legs to stop feeling 'numb' after giving birth! :)

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT, 'GOSH, I CAN'T DO THIS' AND WHY? The only time I'd thought this was when I was trying to breastfeed. I was in so much pain in more places than I could count and I felt as if I was just not going to be able to make it. I thought I was NEVER going to heal and was never going to feel myself again. I remember being in the bathroom and crying and telling Alex, "I'm not good at this thing" and Alex padding my back and telling me, "you are doing great babe!" How dramatic was I! LOL! Glad that stage of it is over! 

WHAT PART OF LIFE HAS CHANGED THE MOST SINCE HAVING THE BABY? Going out takes more effort and more memory. There's always a checklist to go through before leaving the house. Bottle-checked. Paci-checked. Burp cloth-checked. Diapers-checked. Wipes-checked. Breastfeeding cover-checked. Carrier-checked. takes a bit longer and if we forget something important that I can't just buy somewhere then a trip back home is a must. So, I just make sure I have things ready the night before so leaving is not such a big ordeal! :)

WHAT HAVE YOU ENJOYED THE MOST THIS FAR? Wake up times! I love it when he first wakes up, specially in the morning. He is so talkative and gives smiles left and right! That is one of the things I'll miss the most when I go back to work...seeing that little face when he sees me in the mornings. Priceless! Wouldn't change it for the world!

WHAT ADJUSTMENTS HAVE YOU HAD TO MAKE? A few. I have to be ready for interruptions. I can't just say I'm going to do this and finish it once and for all because more than likely a little someone may start crying inconsolably, wake up from a nap, have a poopy blow out. Talking about interruptions...little lad is up from his nap. Guess this is it for now friends! 

To be continued...