Est. 2005

Over 15 years ago I met this cute british boy and a friendship began. Little did I know at that time that he would become my husband a few years later.

This week we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. The day began with some beautiful flowers from the hubby. He knows how much I love flowers and these were a beauty...take a look.

This year we were supposed to be heading to Italy but a little someone came into our lives almost 5 months ago and well, the plan is now to head to Italy next year. But I wouldn't change little lad was a much better anniversary gift! 

So instead, these two foodies got all dressed up and went to try a new restaurant. It was the first time little lad stayed behind. I kept thinking about him all through dinner! I'm sure some mommas out there can relate! :)

It's hard to believe that 10 years have already gone by and I wouldn't change a thing. Not that it's been without its challenges but we wouldn't be at the place we are today if it wasn't for all the ups and downs along the way. I love how much we've learned about each other, how he's pushed me to be better, the things we've accomplished together, how we haven't let differences in personality or points of view become a division in our relationship. I love that I get to call him husband and that he calls me his wife. 

10 years have gone quick. We've done so much in our time together. 10 years of birthday celebrations-and some big ones, like my 40 year milestone-we've had to make critical decisions along the way, we've also embarked in new adventures. As I look back, so much has happened in the last 10 years. But here, let me give you a recap of how our little love story has played so far...

Brit boy comes to America.

Latina girl meets said boy.

They met in the midwest out of all places.

Brit and latin chica become friends.

No love sparks happen at first.

Chica thinks boy is cute but he's younger than her, so no.

Boy is not even thinking about chica at the moment.

4 1/2 years of friendship later boy and chica pull an all-nighter at IHop.

During all the chatting, chica starts thinking, "hmm...Alex is a good looking lad and hmmm...I think I kinda like him."

At the same time, lad is thinking, "hmm...I don't think I can look at this chica only as a friend anymore."

After IHop, they say their goodbyes and boy flies back home to England.

Not long after boy comes back to the USA.

Lad and chica meet for dinner at Outback.

Brit lays down his cards on the table. 

Girl is still not sure because of the age difference but they still hook up. 

Long distance relationship starts. 

16 months later boy asks girl the big question.

Girl says yes!

The planning of a wedding begin.

The big day arrives.

They said their I DOs.

They honeymoon in Mexico.

They lived together and worked together and survived to talk about it. :)

Couple moves from midwest to east coast. 

After two years in the east coast, couple begin the journey of starting a church.

Said journey is challenging, very challenging, but very rewarding.

Couple of years after that they go through another challenging time in life...

...they face infertility. 

Couple give fertility treatments a try. 

Treatments fail.

Disappointment is deep,


Couple goes through the process of accepting and being okay with not becoming parents.

Out of left field, God surprises couple.

Baby is on the way.

Baby arrives.

A new journey begins.

And in between all these major things in life they've experienced in their marriage, the brit and the chica have taken time to make memories. Lots of memories.

The two have traveled.

They've been spontaneous.

They've satisfied their foodie interests. 

They've made room to laugh, to cry, to chill, to enjoy the simple things in life.

And they're still making memories.

It's been a sweet-sometimes hectic-at times challenging-kinda of a ride. 

I'm excited to see what the next 10 will bring!