Lately, I've been 'confronting' or maybe I should say, 'attacking' our closets, storage room, cabinets and drawers and doing some organizing, some cleaning, some purging. I've been finding things I think I've had for over ten years! Things I've been dragging with me in every move I've made from state to state and house to house.

Anybody can relate? 

Right now I'm attacking my kitchen cabinets and coat closet, this is what it looks like at the moment...

Here's the truth about cleaning and putting things in is a SURE thing that a BIG MESS happens before things are back in place. In other words,

"...[it must get] messy in the middle [to be] gorgeous in the end" (Robin Sharma)

Isn't that what happens? There are times in our journey when we come undone by the stuff being thrown at us and it's at these times that we find it hard to find the beautiful in life. It's at these times that it seems easier to be enveloped in a cocoon than to deal with the ugly. But sometimes the ugly has to be confronted. Sometimes the ugly has to come out. And sometimes we have to deal face on with the stuff we know we should have dealt with long ago.

This means we may have to open 'cabinets', 'drawers', 'closets' in our hearts that haven't been opened in a while but we know it's about time. And when we open them up and begin to start taking stuff out it just simply gets messy...really messy...and then we remember WHY we've delayed in tackling them. But...

Sometimes MESSY is the necessary beginning to the making of EXTRAORDINARY! (Michele Cushatt)


Yes! Yes it is...because in the midst of the messy we get rid of the baggage and the weight we've been carrying for far too long and then the journey gets lighter, perhaps, even brighter. 

So why not make a mess? Why not, once and for all, allot ourselves the chance to make way for the extraordinary to invade us? 

Wherever you find yourself today, whatever it is that may need confronting, no matter what you may be facing, IT'S TIME!!!

It's time to open those compartments in your life that need some cleaning, organizing, decluttering, re-ordering.

And whatever it is you're trying to tackle, just remember, it will get messy, but don't sweat it! If you feel you can't do it alone then reach out to a friend or brother or sister or mom or dad...whoever you know will not mind making way for the messy to come out in order to pave the way for the extraordinary!

No past hurts, regrets, pain, fear should stop you from accomplishing this. 

Go on, begin the mess!

You've got this!