Some can't be mommies...

Mother's day is the time to celebrate those whose love, patience, care, guidance, teachings, kisses, hugs and so many other wonderful and lovely things have marked our lives since the day we were born.

But this day of celebration is not happy for everyone. Some are dealing with the painful reminder of the one they felt inside their womb but never got to meet or kiss on this earth. Others may be dealing with having a little one fighting for their life in an ICU room. And there's also those dealing with the reminder that they can no longer hug their own mom this Mother's day.

But here's another reason...

Mommy day is a painful reminder for many because some can't be mommies.

Yes, this Mother's Day may not be so happy for all. 

Before I became a mommy, I dealt with infertility. I waited over 9 yrs to have a little one in my arms. I thought it was NEVER going to happen. And though we may not have taken the same steps along this journey, I know what you might be feeling. For those of you longing to become a mommy, remember this...


I became a mommy at 40, trust me, the surprise of a baby can still invade your world in the future. While you're in the waiting room, continue to pray, continue to live, and continue to hope. PRAY for God to give you strength and a still heart, especially on those days when the reminder of what you're lacking is staring you from every direction. LIVE out loud, for living fiercely will bring even more meaning to your life during this season. And HOPE. Hope because you're not alone in this journey, because others find themselves there right now and like others, a miracle may still come down knocking on your door.


Being a mommy is a qualification that most any woman possesses. It is a trait that can be exercised with those you haven't even birthed. Don't let your mommy traits go to waste while in the waiting. If there's someone to be loved, love them. If there's someone to be guided, guide them. It there's someone in need of care, care for them. You're qualified to do all those and then some. While you wait for your miracle, be all these and more. It will enhance your journey. 

However, I do know that no matter what anyone may say to you today your reality is still staring back at you. You're still childless and still feeling incomplete. 

For all of you ladies in the waiting room of infertility, and for those mourning the little one you never got to hold, and all those of you tending to your precious prince or princess in an ICU room, and the ones remembering the mom you had to recently let go to heaven...

You're not alone and you're not unnoticed. Many are standing in the gap for you!

Remember that this Mother's day.