Listen :: Five Minute Friday

Have you ever stopped to listen to the silence?

The silence of someone's loneliness? Pain? Cry? Depression? 

This type of listening goes beyond the physics of sound. 

It takes a stop in the tracks. 

It involves visual listening. 

It calls for attention to detail.

It pleads us to listen with our eyes, with our hearts.

But that's not natural because "we listen with our ears" we are told.

Yet, there are some cries that can only be heard with the heart. 

Like pain, which is too often endured in the silence, in isolation, without uttering any sound to the world around us.

And depression. The silent killer of those beautiful souls that are crying in silence because there's no energy left to audibly express what's eating them inside. 

Oh! That we would stop long enough to listen to each other's nemesis because all of us will one day face an inescapable agent determined on being our downfall.

And when that day comes, may someone stop long enough to listen to our silence. 

And if we ever feel that nobody is listening, may we remember that

Silent prayers ALWAYS reach the listening ears of a loving God - who, though at times may seem silent, is ALWAYS present.

So, today, stop! Pay attention. Let your heart, let the spirit, lead you. Send a card, send a text. Pray for someone. Let them know you are listening.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday community. Today's prompt word was: Listen