He doesn't leave you behind

He wont leave you behind.jpg

Have you ever been stuck behind a slow-moving tractor? Not fun. Especially if you're trying to get somewhere and the ticking clock is not in your favor! 

How about life? Have you ever been stuck behind in what seems an insurmountable situation? 

And while you're stuck behind it, you feel...

unable to move,

unable to change,

unable to get away from it all.

But while you're there, while you feel as if everyone is far ahead of you, there's one that will not leave you behind. One who's been there at every single of your beginnings. One who can speak into your fear, your disappointment, your failure, your discouragement, your weariness, your anxiety, and dissipate them as he walks each step, no matter how slow they may be, that you are taking towards the place where you need to be. 

God doesn't leave you behind. 

So as you find yourself stuck behind that 'truck of situations' life has so unkindly placed in front of you, turn up the radio a little louder and sing a tune of praise to the top of your lungs because...

"He's the one who doesn't leave the ONE behind."