Guest Room Inspiration

We have a room in the house that we currently use as the 'office'. Problem is, we often have to use it as a 'guest room'. So, I'm in the process of deciding what to do with this room as it will have to serve a dual function. To be honest I'm not even sure yet what I want it to look like. It is the only room in our house that hasn't been painted because I refuse to do it until I finally decide what to do. In the meantime, I keep on googling on, pinterest serching and window shopping at home stores. Here are some inspiration I've found in my quest.

I love the brightness of this room and the placement of the desk. 

Color and more color! Multipurpose rooms are just the place to do that. 

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! Displaying those shoes that no longer fit in my closet? Um, this could just revolutionize my closet while helping decorate my guest room. Yes, please!

Desk extensions! Saving space wherever you can is a must!

Daybeds are popular in multipurpose guest rooms. I like this one (minus the dice).

I like the built-in by the window and again, desk placement. 

And of course, the all time staple in multipurpose rooms is the sofa bed. If you can find a good sofa bed that's probably the way to go. 

Storage is another key element in a dual use room. Love the one under the bed in this space.

Flea Market Treasures!

What girl doesn't like a good deal? Today, I ventured out with the hubby to find me just that....and boy did I find myself some beauties! 

If you've never gone Flea Marketing then for goodness sake do something about it! :) Get on that little electronic device of yours and find yourself some flea markets around your area. Don't be afraid to travel for a good flea market and if you find one that is a bit further than you would like to drive then just make a trip out of it. That's what the hubby and I did today. 


Don't Forget the Moolah! - Make sure you take your cash with you before hand. You don't want to get there and find something amazing and then having to frantically look for an ATM.

Give Yourself a Budget! - There is no doubt that you will find lots of little things here and there which is why it's important to allow yourself a specific amount before you go there. Today I went with $50 and that was it. Once the money was gone the shopping was done.

Barter, Barter, Barter! - Flea markets were made for bartering so don't be afraid to do it! Also, don't just take the first deal you're given. You never know how low the vendor is willing to go!

Closing Deals! - Leave some money for an hour or so before the market is due to close. As vendors get ready to pack they will be more willing to make sweet deals with you. 

Here are the beauties I found today. I can't wait to work on them and put them around mi casa! I got a total of 6 items for only $31. left to spare. The hubby was proud! 


The husband says this is an ugly tray. OBVIOUSLY, he lacks vision. Good thing I can envision the beauty within! I plan on painting the inside tray with chalk paint and turn it into wall art. 


I have to say, we don't really know what this is but we are calling it a "vintage water (or milk)-pitcher-can thingy". Whatever it is, we love it. We managed to get this one for $13 less than what the seller was asking for. Yes please! 


These vintage jars are getting popular out there. Some even go for quite a bit of moolah so I'm glad I only paid $1. The only regret I have is not buying the other one. Oh time.


This is my favorite find today. I've been looking for side tables for our guest room. As soon as I saw these I knew they were it. They need a little love, some cleaning but other than that they are in great condition. I specially love the detail on top of the trays and love the fact that the they fold and you could use just the trays if you want. Surprisingly, they are very sturdy. Now I gotta go buy some brass cleaner and get to work. Can't wait! 


You can never have too many mirrors. Right? With a tag of only $3 I had to snatch this one. I believe It was screaming my name though the hubby says I was hearing things. 

Kitchen Transformation

When we bought our home we thought we could live with it for a year or so before we would began the renovation monster. But then we moved in and realized on day one that we had to tackle it right away. 

We are guilty of the newbie DIYers naiveness...we thought this project would take at MOST 6 weeks. HA! 5 months later, we were able to have a kitchen we truly enjoy! I love so many things about our new kitchen, specially, the pebble backsplash. 

Click here to see more photos of our home! 

Before & during the reno

So glad it doesn't look like this anymore. 

So glad it doesn't look like this anymore. 

Took down part of the wall to make it more open.

Took down part of the wall to make it more open.

Top cabinets down! Making progress!

Top cabinets down! Making progress!

Adding the new half wall so we can put our stove there.

Adding the new half wall so we can put our stove there.

After the Reno