My Ikea Hack

When we moved to our new house there were lots of things to do which meant my decor fund was pretty much not existent. So...what is a chica to do? I had to use what I had in hand and this is how this project got started. 

This was my very first DIY project EVER and I chose it because I thought it would be easy enough to accomplish. I have to say it was pretty easy. The most time consuming part of it was sanding the boards but I think it took me a bit longer than it would now since I had never used an electric sander before.

So we already had this IKEA LACK coffee table

I had seen a tutorial on Pinterest that added wood to the top and I loved how it looked. So I gave it a shot and Walla!

Here's how ours turned out! 

How I did it: I simply sanded the boards till they felt smooth. Then, I applied the stain (I used MinWax Mission). If you've never stained before, no fears. It is really easy to do. I applied mine with a brush and then wiped it off with a rag. Then,  I glued the boards to the table and a new table was born!