Painting Laminate Furniture

We've had this entertainment center since we got married (9 glorious years ago). In fact, it was the very first piece of furniture we bought together. And we thought it was da' bomb! Its original color was a dark brown. 

When we moved into the new house we wanted to get rid of it. Why? For one, its heavy as heck; two, it is made out of some laminate; and, three, we just wanted something new. 

So we tried to give it away but had NOT ONE taker. So when we finally decided to remodel our living room, we needed more furniture and since we had just remodeled a whole kitchen that meant no more moolah left! 

This is when I turned to my trusty Pinterest and found this great tutorial on how to paint laminate.

I decided to paint it a bright color because, if it didn't turn out, I wouldn't be too disappointed. I chose a turquoise color from Sherwin Williams. I will say that I tried the wax thing she suggested but it didn't work out for me so I decided to age it by simply using a dark color stain I already had and added it randomly and wiped it off as I went. Also, I used Zinsser primer instead because I read in another blog that this stuff was amazing. And I have to agree. That's the only primer I use now for furniture.

I have to say, I LOVE this piece now. 

Moral of the story: If you've got some ugly piece of laminate furniture and are headed out the door to put it in the trash pick up lane, STOP!!!!!!! You may just have your hands on the next favorite piece of furniture in your home!